Supera Gothic Font

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Supera Gothic Sans Serif Font

This font is a new geometric sans serif and clean variable font. Its characters draw inspiration from Erbar Grotesk by Jakob Erbar and Johnston by Edward Johnston; hence, in heavier weights, the “f” and “t” bars are pointed which honor Erbar’s work, and Supera’s uppercases and numbers reflect Johnston’s proportions and features. The result is a sans serif family with both, a historical and modern touch perfectly suited for all types of graphic works. Super Gothic comes in 9 weights plus its matching italics and is equipped with a large range of opentype features.

Fun fact, Erbar had attended calligraphy classes carried out by Anna Simons, who was a former student of Johnston (Tracy, 1986). Maybe in modern times, they had met through social media, and some collaborative work would have risen, who knows.

Supera Gothic Sans Serif Font is provided to you by W Type Foundry. Free for personal, non-profit use. For commercial use you need to buy a license here 

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