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LT Asus Sans Serif Font

Garino is a free modern sans-serif typeface family manufactured by LyonsType. It gains its expressive character from a dynamic sweep in the curves and high-contrast transitions. Asus is not only a typeface driven by the digital notion, but its name is also after the founder’s computer vendor “Asus/Republic of Gamers” – most notably for a qualified purpose of applying monospace variations to give the typeface a real digital perspective.

Asus is a distinctive type design to display a depth of round corners (you can barely see round corners depending on the size of the font) and a solidity of humanism. It isn’t necessarily a typeface to take the steps of a “tried and tested” sequence, it’s to spice up the lightheartedness of digital brands of individuals to where the typeface is usable for technology, epic projects, personal banners, personal signages, and the rest of the like. A fixed-width monospace variant of Asus is also useful for terminal emulation, forms of programming, and anything that individuals use with monospace typefaces. Even the monospace typeface out of the family shows quality at a 12 pt size regardless of which style is set for it.

Like other gamer-esque and superiority of fonts – the font’s resilient sense of robustness, along with the letter proportions and the rest of it stack up its flexibility on every aspect of digitalism – not too edgy, not too hard to read – just the right amount of hinting it needs.

Asus is available in 4 roman styles, 4 italics and (as mentioned before) includes a monospace variant with 2 italics. The family are as follows: Light, Light Italic, Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Heavy, Heavy Italic, Mono, Mono Italic, Mono Bold and Mono Bold Italic.

LT Asus Sans Serif Font is free for personal & commercial use. Please download and enjoy, or can search more similar fonts on befonts.

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